07/05/2017 – We had a visitor this week, who came into the shop around dusk on Thursday & refused to leave! Not a big wine fan, Bob – an male adult robin (& yes he had a name), hung around in the void above the ceiling raft overnight. Bob was a prolific pooper, but no damage was done. Mostly this was down to us undertaking a comprehensive cover-up operation. Happily, Bob just hopped out of the shop Friday morning & flew away apparently unaffected by the whole episode. Little did I know he would be back within the hour, more bold and brazen than before. He seemed to want to flit in and out at will. We usually keep the shop door open – in an attempt to discourage him though, that hasn’t been the case since Friday morning (which unfortunately isn’t overly customer-friendly). Fingers-crossed, three days on, Bob will have forgotten about us by tomorrow.

27/03/2017 – The shop fit is coming along nicely. There’s quite a difference between the ‘before’ pictures below and how the shop looks now. I have to say, I love my fridges and I’m looking forward to stocking the shelves!

All is looking good for opening during the first week in April.


25/02/2017 – The pictures below are the unit as it looks now – there’s nothing like a challenge!